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Rockit Rocker Plate

R 3,500.00 each

Featuring ROCKIT technology, makes riding indoors more fun, comfortable and engaging.

The ROCKIT combines tried, tested and trusted technology with a passion for cycling to deliver an enhanced and more enjoyable indoor training experience.

The result is a natural, free-floating motion that helps more realistically simulate riding outside.  Whether you want to spin, grind or get out of the saddle and sprint, the ROCKIT enables you to ride stronger for longer.


> ROCKIT Design: enduring technology that brings the freedom of movement indoors;

> Quality: handcrafted with a superior finish, the ROCKIT both looks and feels great;

> Compatibility: can be paired with most indoor trainers and is suitable for use with all your beloved bikes;

> Robust: simple and durable construction means the ROCKIT is built to last and easy to install and maintain;

> Fun: a natural, responsive and engaging training experience;

> Comfortable: ride stronger for longer as ROCKIT enables riders to easily change position on the bike, reducing pressure on contact points, and alleviating saddle discomfort and neck, back or joint pain;

> Safe: ROCKIT will not tip over, and can help protect your bike frame by reducing lateral stresses;

> Bespoke: customise your own indoor cycling ecosystem from the ground up, by combining the ROCKIT with your trainer and other accessories.